Our Member Organizations

Our Member Organizations


Formed in 2017, Creede Bikes! is a group of enthusiastic mountain bikers who are dedicated to improving trails in the region and increasing bike access for all. Since their foundation, they have donated over 500 hours of their time to maintain trails and build bridges to ensure the mountain bikers and hikers alike can enjoy the beauty of Creede.




The Lower Willow Creek Restoration Company was comprised of two members from the City of Creede Board of Trustees and two members from Creede Resources, Inc. Both parties were invested in the reclamation of the lower Willow Creek site. They worked together and engaged stakeholders, including the Willow Creek Restoration Committee, state agencies, and Rio Grande River non-profits.

The Lower Willow Creek Restoration Company spearheaded the three-phase Lower Willow Creek Restoration; the first phase of that ongoing project was completed in 2010. Now in phase two, the LWCRCo and the Headwaters Alliance are focused on revegetation efforts on the floodplain and increasing recreation through the corridor. The restoration project is managed by HWA Executive Director, Guinevere Nelson.

The LWCRCo had long partnered with the Willow Creek Reclamation committee, with the WCRC dedicating 500 hours per year to the LWCRCo, providing technical support, and engaging the local community in the project.


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The Willow Creek Reclamation Project grew out of the determination of a small group of local citizens in Creede, Colorado not to have their town placed on the national priority list for Superfund designation. Many feared that Superfund designation would hurt the tourist economy of the town and compromise the ability of the community to determine its own fate. Tourists and an assortment of local residents – retired miners, artists, local business people, ranchers, and vacation homesteaders – joined forces to reclaim the creek and preserve the mining heritage and quaint character of the town.

This group, formally recognized as the Willow Creek Reclamation Committee (WCRC), grew to include a wide variety of public and private interests. Every month, the WCRC convened at the Creede town hall and held open meetings that drew representatives from the Forest Service, the US EPA, CO Dept. of Public Health and the Environment, CO Div. Minerals & Geology, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Colorado Geological Survey, Natural Resource Conservation Service, in addition to the local volunteers – retired professionals, miners, the former mayor, a county commissioner, a city councilman, historic preservationists, and many others. Our stakeholders were and continue to be an impressive suite of scientific experts and dedicated citizens, wholeheartedly committed to the cause to preserve and protect the Creek and River.

To learn more about the WCRC, visit their site.