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Everything is Stewardship Headwaters Alliance honors this stewardship by seeking the pathways and projects that enable us to serve you – the water, mountains and community at the headwaters of the Rio Grande.


Headwaters Alliance (HWA) has deep roots in the Creede community. The brain-child of Guinevere Nelson, long-time director of the Willow Creek Reclamation Committee, HWA was founded in 2016 to support and continue the incredible work accomplished by the Willow Creek Reclamation Committee (WCRC) over the past 22 years. HWA is proud to build upon the legacy of this small group of determined citizens who laid the foundation for community driven mining reclamation work within a community that loves its mining history. The work completed through volunteerism by the WCRC continues to benefit the community and remains an expression of dedicated stewardship.

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